establishing access roads,performing preparation,dumping and extraction of iron ore at sangan mines complex.

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client:iran mining&mine industries development and renovation organization(sangan iron ore complex)

starting date:december 2007

project completion date:2018   July  22

contract duration(totalof 3 contracts):11years

direct employment:720 employees

indirect employment:2800 employees

sangan iron ore mines are located 300km distance on the southeast of mashhad,68 km southwest of taybad and 40km southeast of khaf in khorasan razavi province.

geological reserves of western mines(including the anomalies of A,B,CN and TG)includes 720million tons of iron ore and the central mines reserves (including baghak and dardvey mines)are estimated at 321 million tons of iron ore.also,the amount of waste material of the western anomaly is 1746 million tons and in the central mines,at 902million tons.

since the beginning of the operation in 2007,the company has established over 30km of mine roads with a width of 32 meters(for the purpose of 250 tons dump trucks traffic)and has extracted more than 36 million tons of iron ore and 56 million tons of waste material.