completion of the project for implementing wastewater neetwork and implementing the second module of torbateheydarieh wastewater treatment plant in the from of buy back contract


Employer:Ministry of Energy (khorasan razavi water and wastewater company)

project start date:Agust6,2018

project completion Date :August6,2047

physical progress:10%

Direct employment:140employees


completion of the wastewater collection network in the city of torbatheydarieh with a length of 100kmin diameters from 200mm to 700mm,installation of 22000 wastewaterutilities and the establishment of the second module of the wastewater treatment plant of the city with a capacity of 12000m3/day,as well as operation,maintenance,management and recon struction of existing wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 13000 m3/day are another most important in the east of the country