An Introduction to the Company

The Toos Masir Company was established in 1989 to offer technical and engineering projects as well as the construction, installation, running and execution of civil, industrial and mining projects.
This company, possessing a wide range of heavy and extra-heavy machineries, equipment and facilities of civil and mining engineering, in the framework of the policies determined for the development of the country’s economy, has taken major steps forward to increase the market share, financial sources, and the company’s inclination towards knowledge-based economics. Moreover, since the company depends on customers, personnel and work atmosphere for its survival, it feels responsible to all of the above cases, always having tried to fulfill its obligations against customers. From among the most important positive points of the company, technical abilities, specialist forces, and the software and certificates for high competency and ranking obtained from the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Control could be named.
It is to be noted that the company has obtained the first ranking regarding underground exploration (mining), transportation, road construction and water systems from the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Control, and such achievements accompanies an effort for the establishment of a quality control system based on ISO 9001-2000 Standards in order to boost the quality of the offered services.

Major Objectives and Policies

1. To consider manpower as the largest capital of the company, and develop optimization through education, creativity, etc.
2. To improve quality, speed and accuracy in offering services through modern technologies
3. To improve the qualitative and quantitative level of executional operations, and to mine through the employment of modern mineral machineries
4. To gain employers’ trust and satisfy them
5. To try to figure out the effective factors in quality and to continuously improve the quality of engineering and contracting services
6. To pave the way for the improvement of the scientific level of personnel and bring about a proper work and cooperation atmosphere
7. To plan for the continuous improvement of quality control system in all levels (after the establishment of the system)